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Anita Shervington writes about the latest organisation to affiliate with OBU



Still very much in "incubation" stage, we are an emerging organisation dedicated to increasing Diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and Medicine (STEMM), with a particular focus on those groups who are most underrepresented in these fields, and under-served; namely African Caribbean and Girls/Women.

STEM based careers are amongst the best paid and most in demand. It is important that we create awareness about future job markets and make visible pathways to get to them. We believe this requires a "culture shift" to enable our children and young people to identify themselves as being the STEM innovators of the future


Our approach to STEM engagement combines arts, culture and heritage with health education, economic advancement and civic participation. It is "asset based" meaning we tap into the wisdom, experience and positive motivations of communities to help us create our programmes. These include providing opportunities for children, young people and families to participate in informal STEM based activities; as well as adult only discussion and debate. 


We provide a platform for informal discussion and knowledge exchange between researchers and STEM professionals, and the Black public; in a culturally appropriate, geographically and financially accessible way.  


Our activities are open to anyone, but designed with the Black community in mind. Look out for our next event in October, Black Beneath the Skin? A Conversation on Genetics, Colour and Ancestry in the Atlantic World

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