Food and Flu


The OBU Health Department has some tips for keeping you and your family well this winter




The immune system is network of body organs that can provide resistance to infections and toxins and includes the spleen, bone marrow, tonsils, adenoids - the tissue found at the back of your throat - and the lymphatic system. Every winter, there is a surge in colds and flus and if you catch one, can leave you feeling pretty awful. At best the illness can last a few days, at worst it can prove dangerous to babies and small children, elders and those with additional heath needs.


To support your immune system, there are plenty of changes to your lifestyle and diet that you can make to help your body prepare to battle the bugs this winter.


Here are 10 tips to help you boost your immune system:


Eat more:                                Do more:


1. Sweet potatos                      7. Exercise


2. Brazil nuts                            8. Sleeping


3. Kiwi fruit


4. Tinned pineapple                 Drink more:


5. Mackerel                              9. Water


6. Garlic                                              


Remember to:


10. Take steps to avoid catching and spreading infection

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