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It is essential that we build the Organisation of Black Unity as a community, explains Nzinga Foster-Brown.


The Black community is made up of all different kinds of people. We are diverse and that is a good thing. It is part of what will secure our future. Being a community is not about all being the same or thinking in the same way. It’s about unity. It’s about sharing a vision for a successful future for our people and working to achieve it. A diverse community has the scope to generate new ideas and create and take advantage of opportunities. We are a people with many different ideologies and ways forward, however we all face similar barriers. Racism, prejudice and disadvantage all too often stop us from reaching our potential.


We are severely underrepresented in government and management positions and overrepresented in prisons and mental hospitals. The Organisation of Black Unity is not an organisation for a particular type of Black person. We are an organisation for all Black people, so we can come together and face our problems together - to build our future together. A future for our children and our grandchildren that is free from the shackles of prejudice and disadvantage. We believe in sensible people working on sensible solutions for our community’s problems.


If you have Black African heritage the Organisation of Black Unity is for you. You may be African, African Caribbean, African American, of Mixed Heritage, etc. It does not matter. Whatever your Black African heritage.


OBU is based on Malcolm X’s vision of the Organisation of African American Unity, created in 1964. We aim to build a mass membership organisation to work with existing groups to support the activity in the Black community and to create new programmes where necessary. We will be establishing departments of Education, Health, Business and any other area of activity in the Black community to organise our energies and plan for the future.


OBU cannot work without your support. Mass membership is essential to connect OBU to the community and to make our work accountable. If you believe that we deserve a chance to thrive and that we have a right to equality and respect, join the movement.

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