A commemoration of Garvey’s 125th birthday 2012 by Michael Thompson of Freestyle.net

What Would Garvey Say?


Marcus Mosiah Garvey died over 70 years ago in London, yet he left the greatest legacy of any Black leader in history. He would have a clear

message if he were alive today.


Up You Mighty Race

Garvey’s entire work was based on the uplift of the Black population. For Garvey there was no doubt that being Black bound us into a common struggle for liberation. In today’s more open society Garvey would have been troubled by the way the community has fractured. Before we can act as a community we need to decide to be one. Embracing our Blackness is the first step to redemption.


The Greatest weapon used against the Negro is disorganisation

Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association had over 5 million members at its peak with, spread across over 40 countries. Garvey saw that without organisation Black people would never be able to rise. If Garvey were alive today he would be dismayed by the lack of strategic organisation in the community. If Garvey could build the greatest Black organisation in history with no internet or universal telephone access there is no excuse for us not being able to organise today. The Organisation of Black Unity is built on the principles of Garvey and aims to systematically organise our efforts collectively.


Embracing our Blackness is the first step to redemption. Independence is the only way of protecting the group

Central to Garvey’s work were the principles of self-help and independence for the Black nation. To rely on resources outside of the community is to be controlled by them. The reliance on government funding has been the end of many OBU is a Black independent organisation, which is sustained by membership fees. Join the movement and help us build a better future for Black communities.

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