Big P.O.P.A Raps to OBU


Tamar 'Kush' Francis recalls Dr Umar Johnson's advice to OBU, on his visit to Birmingham


Dr Umar Johnson, a blood relative of Frederick Douglass came to Birmingham on 29th Novemenber 2013, where he engaged with a crowd of over 300 people. Known also as the BIG POPA( Prince of Pan Afrikanism), he was unapologetic in his passion when exposing the misdiagnosis of the many African children living in the USA and right here in the UK. He strongly advised parents to challenge the schools and the doctors, or at least seek alternative advice when their children are diagnosed with ADHD, or any ‘special need’ particularly if it means the prescription of harmful and potentially unnecessary drugs.


OBU are grateful to have had personal dialogue with Dr Umar Johnson, who gave us some invaluable advice on how we can keep OBU productive and plant solid roots in the community. He congratulated us on the work we had done so far and gave us the following advice.


He opened by saying to keep leadership sincere, without having any dictatorship at the ‘top’ and stressed the importance of keeping meetings on topic and ensuring that all agendas are action based. He was also very clear in highlighting the principal of balance between the brothers and sisters in the community. “Sisters should be involved on all levels, rather than being assigned to administration work “...” if the sisters feel active and valued, then they will invite and involve other sisters to join the movement and get involved”.


He concluded by suggesting there is a ‘sergeant at arms’ to get rid of people who are destructive to the cause. With a projected voice filled with conviction, he says: “ If they ain’t doing no work, then kick them out. Get rid of them.!”


OBU is very grateful for this advice and guidance and will certainly take on board many of the issues that he raised.


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