Stand-out, With Afrikan Garments!

Tamar ‘Kush’ Francis explains how you can increase your ‘swagger’ with African Garments


It feels like were always waiting until African Liberation Day or Kwanzaa to get our Afrikan clothes and accessories, worst still, we often have to wait for mainstream retailers to provide “ethnic” or “tribal” trends in order for us to express ourselves culturally.

I personally question how these items are made, by whom and if any of our vulnerable children on the continent have been exploited in order to meet the demands of those big corporations eager to set the latest trend.

One way to take a stance against this and to ensure that you have cultural clothes and accessories on a daily basis, is to do it yourself! Have you ever considered adding a bit of Kente print to your jeans or jacket? Want to increase your ‘SWAGGER?’ It’s easy to Start Wearing African Garm’s, by customising the clothes you already have.

You don’t have to be a professional tailor or seamstress to compliment your existing wardrobe with Afrikan prints and it’s not just clothes either, you can customize your earrings, bags and even your shoes by taking small pieces of leftover/scrap material and using them creatively.

Something simple as covering the buttons on your coat or jacket can look really effective, or taking some material and wrapping it around and old bangle, using something as simple and easy to acquire as UHU glue. How about, getting some material and creating a template of an Ankh, or the OBU symbol then sewing it on to your t-shirt or jumper? There are so many ways you can create your own Style Wearing Afrikan Garments, using your own creative genius!

Here are some examples of the simple things you can do to create your unique, creative and trendsetting flavour that makes you stand out from the crowd.

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