National Black People's Day of Action


Tafadwa ShakaRa Mbandaka recalls the march organised by iNapp to mark the anniversary of the National Black People's Day of Action

Organised by the Interim National Afrikan Peoples Parlaiment (iNAPP), The National Black People’s Day of Action (NBPDA) is a day of 2 parts, representing the need to properly remember and evaluate the past as well develop and implement concrete plans for the future.


Part 1: The Procession

The Procession is designed to commemorate the New Cross Massacre and the Original Black People’s Day of Action which inspired in 1981. Libation was poured  at 439 New Cross Road to honour the 14 young people who perished as a result of the fire bomb attack and each of their names were called and remembered.The masses then moved from New Cross Road to Lewisham Police station, chanting down injustice as they stepped.


Part 2: The Convention

iNAPP Co-Vice Chair Sis. Jendayi Serwah began by breaking down the process of the development of NAPP thus far. She urged Sisters and Brothers to come on board and be part of shaping what the parliament. Among other things she emphasized the need for reparations to be a Social Movement before it is a matter of litigation. he Keynote address was brought by iNAPP Youth Core Co-Chair. The day concluded with   discussions followed by Sisters and Brothers signing up to join the efforts for establishing the National Afrikan People’s Parliament, set to be constituted by March 2nd 2015.


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