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OBU presents a panel discussion based one of Malcolm X’s famous speeches, asking how do we build political power in the community. We also ask ‘if your vote is worth it in the next election?’


Panel includes:

Jamila La Malfa-Donaldson (Birmingham Ethnic Minority Association)
Tamar Kush Darta BA Hons' Francis (Organisation of Black Unity)
 Dr Martin Glynn (University of Wolverhampton)
 Councillor Paulette Hamilton
 Tafadzwa ShakaRa Mbandaka (Alkebulan Revivalist Movement)
 Chaired by: Dr Kehinde Andrews (OBU)

OBU Chair Dr Kehinde Andrews explains what Malcolm X Would Say if he were alive today, using clips from his speeches.

OBU Vice Chair Tamar 'Kush' Francis explains the politics of OBU and Chair Dr Kehinde Andrews explores the differences betwen Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

OBU Chair Dr Kehinde Andrews explains the importance of the political legacy of Malcolm X and why we are putting on a year of events in 2015

Four Women: OBU's tribute to women fighting for Black liberation

OBU Chair Dr Kehinde Andrews explains the roots of White Psychosis and disucsses the successful Boycott the Human Zoo campaing, at the 5th  This is Not a Gateway Festival.

Dr Umar's Advice to OBU

OBU Chair Dr Kehinde Andrews outlines our position on developing Black Independent Education

Immortal Technique's message to OBU

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