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In 1964 Malcolm X founded the Organisation of African American Unity (OAAU). The goal was to bring together all Black activists and organisations in the United States to coordinate and strategise the way forward for the community. We have updated the idea to bring it in the 21st Century, founding the Organisation of Black Unity in the UK, with the first chapter in Birmingham.

We aim to build a mass membership organisation to work with existing groups to support the activity in the Black community and to create new programmes where necessary. Our objectives are:

                                 i.     Conscious of the fact that freedom, equality, justice and dignity are central objectives for the achievement of the legitimate aspirations of the people of African ancestry, we will endeavour to build a bridge of understanding and create the basis for Black Unity.

                               ii.      Dedicated to the unification of all people of African ancestry and to the utilization of that unity we will bring into being the organisational structure that will project Black people’s contributions to the world

                             iii.      Inspired by our common determination to promote understanding among our people and cooperation in all matters pertaining to our survival and advancement, we will support the aspirations of our people for solidarity in a larger unity transcending all organisational differences

                             iv.      We aim to build an organisation of mass membership that is accountable to Black communities.

                               v.      We aim to unite all Black people and organisations so that the welfare and wellbeing of our people will be assured.

                             vi.       We aim to harness the natural and human resources of our people for their total advancement in all spheres of human activity

                           vii.        We will organise Black communities to control our own economic and political destinies.

                         viii.        The organisation will wage and unrelenting struggle against racism and discrimination in our communities.

                             ix.       The organisation will be committed to the struggles of all those in the African Diaspora.


OBU will work to bring together all groups and individuals working in the Black community to build Departments to create a strategy for the Black community in Education, Health, Business and any other area of activity necessary.

You can download some background information and the consitution of OBU below.

OBU is inspired by the Organisation of African American Unity OAAU, which was founded by Malcolm X in 1964, the year before he was assassinated. In this brief clip Malcolm talks about the need for the OAAU:

Harambee OBU Constitution
Articles of Association of Harambee OBU
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OBU Background
Background and information about the Organisation of Black Unity
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