OBU is starting the process of building the departments of the organisation that aim to bring together build on the work being done in the community. The departments aim to promote the work already being done in the community and to put together new projects where needed.


The aim of OBU is to engage the community in the discussion about what we need going forward and so the departments are open to anyone who is interested in working to help develop our community.


The first department we are launching is focused around education as we see this as essential to our community going forward. The department hopes to bring together organisations and individuals working in the community on education, or interested in doing so, to organise and plan our efforts forward. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel or repeat efforts that are already being made, so the first aim is to promote the work that is being done in the community.


On Friday 29th August, 7pm at ACMC, 339 Dudley Road, Birmingham, B18 4HB Dr Jjob Francis who will be outlining the Fourth Dimension in Curriculum Development and Planning: The Positive Evolution: An Individual/Cultural Approach. The curriculum is conceptualised as ‘bottom-up’ and based on a unified model of education; which not only projects forward, but also accepts and embraces the often... oscillatory, cyclical and sequential nature (or reality) of education.


For over a quarter of a century Dr Jjob Francis has been intrinsically involved in the development and planning of Education both locally and nationally, having held and had various roles and responsibilities within education which have included:

• Classroom Teacher of Mathematics and Physics;
• Head of Mathematics Department;
• Teacher Trainer;
• School Inspector;
• Author of several National Curriculum Framework materials, as well as articles pertaining to the education of ALL children in general, and the Black child in particular.


There are also three things that we asked people who want to be a part of the Education Department do before the next meeting:


1.Join OBU. The Organisation is aimed at building a base of mass membership so that we are able to develop a programme of activity that is independent and accountable to the community. The commitment of membership is important, to join visit


2.Find Black organisations involved in education. A central goal of OBU is to support the work already going on in the community. We are not looking to reinvent the wheel so the first step for the department is to find out the work going on in the community. If people could bring a list of the organisation they are aware of to the next meeting that would be really helpful.


3.Approach organisations to affiliate with OBU. We aim to affiliate with organisations in the Black community to work together. Affiliated organisations will get space in the Black Unity publication and on the website, as well as support from OBU. For an organisation to affiliate all it needs is for one member of that organisation to join OBU.


If you are part of a community organisation or know anyone else who may be interested about affiliating then please get in touch.

Get involved!

Join the Movement!



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