The first campaign of OBU will be to ask the community the simple question of ‘what we want’, as Black people. We want our needs to be recognised so that we can take action that will improve the current and future situations in our communities. 


Too often in the past groups have assumed to know the questions and answers that the community are seeking and expected mass support. We aim to build from the foundations upwards by reaching out to the community and asking 'what we want'?


We are calling for any community group, organisation, or any place where Black people meet to join in the campaign and find out the needs of the community. We want all sections of the community involved and want the question ‘what we want’ to be asked in a variety of ways and venues.


The ‘What We Want’ campaign will build up to our annual general meeting where we will start the process of building the departments of the organisation and addressing the needs of the community.

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  • Richard (Tuesday, August 06 13 04:18 pm BST)

    I’d like to see Black people come together as one and rebuild local Black businesses. I remember when Lozells Road was full of Black owned stores but nowadays there is only one and two.”

  • Tomar (Friday, September 20 13 06:57 pm BST)

    I would like to see black unity. Us respecting and valuing each other. To stop complaining and working together. it's not enough there is a black man in the white house. I am looking for Africa's
    self determination and development. Valuing our history and culture and building on it. More black education from child hood on. More collaboration and realising there is enough for everybody to eat
    and not just the so called community leaders who have been scuandering our money. Love and peace

  • Uriel (Wednesday, September 25 13 11:33 am BST)

    I would like to see black churches, families and communities putting more emphases on education. Two of every three children should be expected to get to university. I also would like to see more of
    our (professionals)getting themselves advertise so we can call upon them and our children see our own lawyers, doctors, bankers,plumbers and other business persons working around us.

  • Jake Samuels (Thursday, October 24 13 02:46 pm BST)

    I would like to see an independent black nation where we are free to go for self and build for ourselves a kingdom worthy of God Himself. The world belongs to Him, and whether you read the Bible or
    Qur'an, God has promised the world to the lost but now found, rejected dispised often hated black nation who in reality are the Children of Israel taken to a strange land and enslaved for 400 year
    (genesis 15:13) but now we are free and must go for self. I would love to see the black man and woman follow the teachings of Master Fard Muhammad given to His Messenger the Most Honorable Elijah
    Muhammad. I would love the black people to watch The Time & What Must Be Done by the Most Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Let's put our people back on top, where they belong, as the natural
    rulers of this Earth. All praises due to Allah the Lord of the worlds and the saviour of the Lost but now found free once slave, the lost sheep, the chosen people the beautiful black nation of Islam.
    We are the change the we are looking for, and with knowledge of self we will realize just how powerful black people are we have the ability to change the world let alone our own condition we are gods
    in our own right if we only we realize it. Black unity in an independent nation is the only solution it's all on us we can take it our leave it. All praises due to Allah. Asalaam Alaikum

  • Mansa Musa (Wednesday, November 13 13 12:55 pm GMT)

    I'd like black people to throw away European religion. Devise a plan of action, for culture and belief. Then follow it. Changing Jesus from white to black isn't enough.
    We must teach our own history we are older than 6,000 yrs old. We need to all start donating money to one specific cause which will I turn redistribute the money into the community into places which
    we all can benefit from as a collective.
    We must secure higher learning for our children, and secure safe and comfortable places to stay for our elders. We need our own china town, where we can all gather and be comfortable and enjoy the
    beauty of our blackness. Rant over

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