Malcolm X Youth Conference 

Saturday 23rd May 2015

Educating youth has always been a key aim in OBU's future and the Malcolm x youth conference is our first step towards that ambition.

OBU will work to bring together all groups and individuals working in the Black community to build Departments to create a strategy for the Black community in Education, Health, Business and any other area of activity necessary.


In order for this to work OBU has set out plans in order to connect the younger community, the Malcolm X youth conference is the first stage of that plan, to create a cohesive young black community, to create a black curricululm and to end the individualistic behaviour floating around our black youths in all parts of society.

OBU strongly believe tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it and will strive to help those who do so.


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RAspect Fyabinghi replaces Swiss at the Malcolm X Youth Conference.


Sometimes something happens that shakes you awake and you realise that you were making a mistake all along. We had asked Swiss, formerly of So-Solid Crew, to speak at the youth conference, because he has made some conscious track and we hoped his relatively high profile would draw people in to the event. We had agreed to pay his expenses to come up to Brum, so he could be part of the free event to make young people aware of Malcolm’s legacy. However, with only two weeks to go to the event Swiss demanded £200 plus expenses for him to come up and talk to the young people for less than an hour. OBU is funded entirely by money from members and we cannot justify spending that amount asking anyone to come to a free event.


Apparently, because his picture is on the flyer this meant Swiss felt he was the main attraction and the felt he had the right to get paid. That was the mistake we made in the first place, falling into the trap of so-called ‘celebrity’ to attract people to the event. The main attraction for the event is Malcolm X and the importance of his message for young people. Instead of going for high profile we should have asked the best person to connect to this message; we should have invited RAspect Fyabinghi in the first place, whose music and community work fit perfectly with the theme of the day. He is also a young, upcoming artist who OBU should be promoting and the community supporting. Losing Swiss has actually been a gain for the event.


Alongside RAspect Fyabinghi we have an excellent programme of speakers to address the young people. Dr Martin Glynn, has been working with youth for decades and will be talking about the importance of educating ourselves. Craig Pinkney founded Real Action and is a passionate speaker, who will be exploring Malcolm’s quote ‘education is the passport to our future’. Dionne Taylor, lectures at BCU and will be sharing work from her PhD, looking at music videos and how the impact on Black young women. Tamar ‘Kush’ Francis, OBU Vice-Chair, will be sharing the findings of her dissertation, titled ‘Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed, Black Girl’ in which she examines how Black teenage girls develop a sense of beauty. Dr Kehinde Andrews, OBU Chair, will discuss some of the key points of Malcolm’s legacy for young people.


Swiss let us down, but has ended up strengthening the event. Join us on 23rd May to celebrate the legacy of Malcolm X, who is the true star of the event.


The event will is part of our Year X series, where we are doing an event to celebrate Malcolm’s legacy everyone month for 2015.  If you have missed the previous ones, you can view the videos of them at

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